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Wondering where you might fit in?
Check out some of our committees to see if you might like to get involved.

Holding Books


The Appreciation Committee organizes monthly tokens of appreciation for the faculty and staff, usually in the form of packages snacks, baked goods, or drinks. They also plan Teacher Appreciation week.

Books & Reading

The Books and Reading Committee plans and runs a Scholastic Book Fair twice a year. Books and Reading also oversees the purchase and distribution of a free book for each WBES student at the end of the year.


The Budget Committee reviews previous years' finances, projects the incoming funds for the next school year, and then proposes a budget which allocates funds for each of the committees and their events.

Colorful Balloons
Above Table View
Image by Michael Longmire


The Celebrations Committee plans holiday celebrations and the last day of school. They purchase gifts for students, plan games and activities, and help during the events when possible.

Family Enrichment

The Family Enrichment Committee 


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning and overseeing the various fundraiser sales conducted throughout the year.

Packing Boxes
Colorful Erasers

Room Parents

Room parents function on a class by class basis. They provide seasonal treats for students to help make some of the smaller holidays special, and they also assist however the teacher may request.

School Store

The School Store Committee buys supplies for and runs the school store every other week, when pandemic restrictions are not in effect.

Spirit Wear

The Spirit Wear Committee oversees two sales of WBES clothing each year. They also organize the printing and distribution of grade-level T-shirts provided free to each WBES student.


Tricky Tray

The Tricky Tray Committee runs the WBES PTA's largest fundraiser of the year. They plan the day's events, solicit donations, and do all the organizing, set-up, and sales that make this annual event happen.

Warrior Games

The Warrior Games Committee plans and hosts a fun field day for all K-4 WBES students. The Warrior Games usually occur in May.


The Yearbook Committee documents each school year by collecting photos from teachers and families and school portraits and creating a yearbook to help students remember their days at WBES.

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